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Order times will vary based on availability and location. We do keep limited stock of our standard range of products, but to prevent disappointment we do have a 3-4 weeks delivery period. On special orders the delivery time will be 4-8 weeks depending om the size of the order and time of the year.

We recently started manufacturing acrylic plastic items in our CO2 laser section. Please click here for more information. 

It is vital to us that our customers have complete faith in our products before making the purchase decision. You are more than welcome to visit our warehouse to inspect any products you are interested in. To arrange a meeting, please phone or email us: 012 – 333 0229 or [email protected] 


Although our products are specifically designed for use in retail stores or factories, nothing prevent you from purchasing our products for private use. Our products will definitely be equally useful and sturdy in your house or garage as it would be in a store. 

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