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How to Use Dump Bins in Your Retail Store

When it comes to retail displays, there are many options to choose from, making it easy for any business owner to make the most out of their available floor space and also effectively store their inventory. With quality dump bins available from Wire Worx, you can maximise the space you have and get an affordable solution to displaying bulk items in your retail store.

You may have items of various sizes available in your retail store, which is why you may need unique storage solutions. You can consider using dump bins from Wire Worx, as they allow you to easily store and display bulk items to your customers without taking up unnecessary floor space. They come in different sizes so they’ll fit in perfectly in any retail setting.

Storing Bulk Items

With dump bins you can store bulk items and adjust each bin to suit your needs. These bins are height adjustable shelves are collapsible for easy transport and storage. The sizes of these bins are 900mm high x 500mm wide x 500mm deep, offering enough space for bulk items in your store. You can utilize multiple bins to store a range of products, or simply use one or two for excess stock.

Another great idea for dump bins is to use them to store additional stock. This way you’ll save on storage space, but have the capability to store enough products in your store room to provide to your customers. They make for very versatile storage units, and are perfect for retail outlets and even warehouses.

Improved Floor Display

As a retail store owner, you know just how important it is for your customers to find what they are looking for. With these bins, you can easily add bulk items in them for a specific sale you are running, as they will quickly attract attention and allow you to stock a lot of units on the floor simultaneously.

You can even put these dump bins close to the counters, where they are visible to customers as they are moving through the checkout process. Customers will have to move past these bins, and if you attract the right attention to these products, it will look like a sale item that they cannot overlook.

Wire Worx supplies high quality dump bins that are ideal for your retail store. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you organise your retail space effectively