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930+ Slotted Mesh Panels

930+ Slotted Mesh Panels

Upmarket mesh display unit with a wide range of accessories.

This upmarket system is perfect for wholesalers that want to show off their products or to shop fit a whole shop.


The 50 x 25mm mesh grid allow for flexibility –

to accommodate hooks, baskets and shelves.

50 x 25mm rectangular tubing gives it ample strength.


Header board frames (Code: SMP042) can be added on top of the stand (with or without optional light fitting).

White ABS Blanks (Code SMP044) available for Header Board Frames.


Size of back panel : 0.955m wide x 2.0m high or 1.5m high.

Single or double sided panels are available on request only.

Correx Board (Code SMP005) to fit the back of the board

available in White or Black

Available Options: Available Options:

1.5m and 2.0m heights available

1.5m High
2.0m High

Base shelve (400 x 955mm)

Base shelve (400 x 955mm)

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Face Out Curved Header Board

930 Baskets available in Large, Medium and Small. Dividers for each optional extras.

930 Large Basket
Large Divider
930 Medium Basket
Medium Divider
930 Small Basket
Small Divider

We stock a selection of shelves with integrated- or loose brackets and 2 types of wire fronts

Shelves with integrated brackets

930 x 185mm
930 x 265mm

Shelves with Loose Brackets

930 x 225mm
930 x 325mm

Wire Shelf Fronts

930 x 50mm High
930 x 100mm High

All our wire mesh hooks are available in various lengths.

Single Wire Mesh Hooks
Double Wire Mesh Hooks
Single Wire Mesh Hooks with PI Label

Face Out Header Board (Optional)

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