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930 MP - Modular Mesh Panels

930 MP Modular Mesh Panels

(NB: Frame width: 1005mm)

Modular mesh panels bolt together in multiple configurations.

It is easy to setup, light-weight –

ideal for an exhibition stand or a flea-market stall.

The most important feature is the flexibility it offers in terms of layout and also product display.

By using our wide range of hook-on baskets, shelves and hooks you can create the perfect solution for your display needs.

Top shelves can be added to create extra space for bulk stock items.

Width of mesh back panel:  1005 mm wide

(605mm Mesh panels can also be used, but then NO 405mm SIDE PANELS can be used)

Side panel = 405 mm wide.

Mesh size: 50 x 50 x 3mm with a 25 x 25mm square tube frame all around.


Available Options: Available Options:

Back Panel

2.0m High x 1005mm Wide

2.0m x 400mm Side Panel

Connected with Brackets or Bolted Panels

Connected Panels
Bolted Panels

Single- and Double - Sided Header Board Frames and Blank white ABS header board inserts available.

Single - Sided Header Board Frame
Double - Sided Header Board Frame
Blank White ABS Insert

Various connection methods are possible with our range of connecting brackets.

Top T - Bracket
Top Cross Bracket
Cross Bracket
Linear Bracket
Swivel Bracket
T - Bracket
L - Bracket

0,8mm Sheet Metal Top Shelf

Top Shelf

0,8mm Sheet Metal Shelf on 8mm Wire Frame

Side Hook Shelf

930 Baskets used with Modular panels. Available in Large, Medium and Small. Dividers for each optional extras.

930 Large Basket
Large Divider
930 Medium Basket
Medium Divider
930 Small Basket
Small Divider

We stock a selection of  shelves with integrated- or loose brackets and 2 types of wire fronts

930 Shelves with Integrated brackets

930 x 185mm
930 x 265mm

930 Shelves with Loose Brackets

930 x 225mm
930 x 325mm

930 Wire Shelf Fronts

930 x 50mm high
930 x 100mm high

All our wire mesh hooks are available in various lengths.

Single Wire Mesh Hooks
Double Wire Mesh Hooks
Single Wire Mesh Hooks with PI Label

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