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Our Product Range

Wholesale Product Display Solutions
530 FSU (Free Standing Units)
930 FSU (Free Standing Units)
930+ Slotted Mesh Panels
Retail Shopfitting Display Solutions
930+ Slotted Mesh Panels
Modular Mesh Panels
Connected Mesh Panels
Retail Add - On Solutions
Rotating Stands
Dump Bins
CS014 - 400mm x 400 Counter stands-03390
Counter Stands
Stacking Baskets
Paper Stands
Newspaper Stands
914 Accessories Solutions
914 Gondola Accesories
Pegboard Hooks
Wire Worx Security Solutions
Wire Mesh Lockers
Pharmacy Baskets
Wire Worx Custom Products
Wire and Mesh Custom Products
Perspex Products
MDF Products

Features & Benefits

We make products that will stand the test of time.

Premium Quality

We’re Simply The Best

Our products are manufactured with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Longevity is a guarantee. 


Peace Of Mind

We never compromise on safety.

Wire Worx products are built with stability and strength in mind.

Customer Service

Friendly Service

Our team is professional and friendly.

We are always eager to assist you with a positive and speedy service.

Optional useful add-ons

…  that can be used on most of our mesh products.

Wire Mesh Hooks
Wire Baskets
Wire Shelves
Header Boards
Sheet Metal Shelves
Special Hooks

Brands you know

All these well known companies use our products


Display Group




New Era Office



Who we are

The Wire Worx team

Wire Worx started in 1997 with the manufacture of wire toy cars for children. Today we make a complete range of wire and mesh display products.

We employ an average of 25-35 people as office staff and factory workers.

All of our valued employees form an integral part of the Wire Worx Team.

Together we are constantly striving to manufacture high-quality products that are delivered on time.

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