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Wire Mesh Display Panels are Ideal for any Business

If you are in need of storage space or if you want to effectively display a product, you need something strong and durable. Wire mesh display panels are ideal for this as these products are strong, durable and very effective when it comes to advertising.

A wire mesh display rack is ideal to use in a shop for display purposes. These racks are also very versatile and they can effectively be used against walls for storage space. You can also use them against ceilings or they can be used as free standing units, depending on the space you have available in your shop, as well as the display effect you want to create. The possibilities are endless; you can either use a single display panel or connect with other panels if needed. If you need to transport this display unit, for example moving your products to a different location in the shop, mobility is not an issue since these panels are mobile and transport quite easily.

Wire mesh display panels can be customised according to your specific needs. There are three height options available and you can choose between a single sided header board frame and a double header board frame, depending on your required needs. You also have the option of adding baskets of various sizes, as well as other product display options like books shelves, magazine shelves and card display units. All of these units are available as free standing units or counter top units.

If you want to make use of wire mesh display panels, you know that you will be using a product made from strong, durable steel wire. If you have a large display area available, you can use both sides of the panel for display purposes. With t-legs that are connected on a flat bar, the stand will securely supported to carry the display load.

WireWorx provides durable wire mesh display panels that are ideal for any business owner looking for an effective display solution in their retail store. We know exactly how to provide you with professional display solutions and our team is ready to provide you with excellent service and affordable pricing on all our display products.