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Why Freestanding Display Racks are so Popular

Making the most out of your available space is a great way to maximize your sales in your retail store. This is why you need the right display solutions, so that you benefit from cost effective solutions that are effective and practical for your store. Free standing display racks are ideal for this, making them one of the preferred choices when it comes to display solutions for smaller retail products.

One of the best benefits of free standing display racks is the fact that they can easily be configured for your unique requirements. You can choose between different height options, for e.g. a smaller 1.5 metre unit, or larger 2 metre units for your store. These units vary in size and they are ideal for any type of retail store. You can also choose various basket sizes to add to these freestanding display rack units, making them more versatile and allowing you to showcase products of various sizes, together.

The great thing about free standing display units is that they can be mounted against a panel that you can put against the wall, maximising the space you have available. Mesh panels will provide the support you need if you want to add baskets to both sides, making them even more effective to use. If you use them against the wall, you can maximise the wall space without having to add any fixtures to your walls.

T-legs will support these units, making them reliable and solid on the ground. You can add basket dividers too, making each basket multi-dimensional if you want to add different products into the same basket. You can also add baskets that are perfect to hold magazines and books. These are ideal for stationery shops or retail outlets that stock newspapers for their customers. The options are almost endless when it comes to free standing display racks in your retail store. 

WireWorx is a leading supplier of free standing display racks in South Africa. We know how to make your retail space more effective and our display solutions are perfect for retail outlets of all sizes. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the most out of the available space in your retail store.