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What Retail Racks Can Do for Your Store

Your display is crucial when it comes to your sales success. Any retail store owner should carefully plan their layout when opening a new store; if you have an existing store you can even rethink your layout from time to time, based on the products you want to boost in terms of sales, of what you know your customers will be looking for.

A great benefit of retail racks is that they come in various sizes. You can choose the height and width you need, so that they fit in perfectly with your available display area. You can also choose to add baskets for example, so that you can store smaller items easily and display them professionally. Adding these display baskets to your store means that you can effectively make use of the space you have available while being able to easily store smaller items neatly together.

WireWorx has retail racks with small grids, allowing you more room for options in terms of display arrangements. Our products are made from heavy duty materials so you can easily enjoy their durability for years at a time. The system is perfect for wholesalers who are looking for professional display stands for their products, or for retail owners who want to effectively display certain items to their customers.

You will have various options in terms of size, as well as they mesh you want to use. You can have a sheet metal base, and a header board frame that can be added to the top of your rack. Baskets also come in a variety of sizes, so that adds versatility too. Your display rack can have a combination of baskets and hooks, to display various products effectively – you can even choose to highlight a specific brand of products too.
If you sell a lot of magazines you can use retail racks for your magazines, to effectively display them close to your till area. You can display multiple magazines or books at a time, even in various sizes. With added hook-on shelves this makes for the perfect combination of display space for your valued customers.

WireWorx is a leading supplier of retail racks in South Africa. You can benefit from cost-effective, durable products that will allow you to effectively display a variety of products to your customers in store.