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Using Stacking Baskets for Your Display Solution

If you are looking for a great solution to your display needs, you can definitely benefit from adding wire mesh display panels to your shop. This means you can add additional panels when you need to, add stacking baskets for smaller items and even use both sides of the display panel for even more storage abilities.

Stacking baskets are perfect for display panels as you can add them where you need and have the ability to display smaller items effectively in your shop or warehouse. With adequate storage and display storage solution in your store, you can increase the exposure that your products will have in front of customers and also ensure that your products are neatly grouped together by type, size or other common feature.

With the ability to have adjustable shelves, you can choose the height that you want to use for displaying a product, which is why these stacking baskets are perfect for wire mesh display panels. You can add as many baskets as you need and you can even combine different types of baskets and racks to accommodate all your different items. This means you can choose which items should be prominently displayed in store.

If you have items that are similar but they just differ in size, you can divide them in your stacking baskets by using a basket divider. You can have different sizes grouped together, making it easy for you to sort them out and also easier for the customer to grab the correct size. This is especially helpful if you sell smaller products or accessories. These baskets also come in different sizes so you can choose the one that fits in perfectly with your available rack space in your store or workshop. Wire mesh display panels can also be easily moved if you want to relocate or revamp your store.

WireWorx provides durable wire mesh display panels that are ideal for displaying any product. We also have stacking baskets that make it easy to add versatility to your display panels. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the most out of the display opportunities in your shop or warehouse.