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Tips for Installing Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is ideal to use in many different environments as it offers versatile storage space for your home or office. These shelving products have become quite popular as they are easy to install and cost effective, making them the ideal solution for residential and commercial customers alike. Another benefit is that you can also customise these shelving units to fit your unique storage and style needs. 

Installing Wire Shelving

Fixed wire shelving can be installed relatively quickly, and it can save you a lot of time by stylishly organising your storage space. You can organise a lot of different rooms and areas in your home, by buying shelving that is easy to install and very versatile.
Keep in mind that the back of each shelf needs to be securely fastened to the wall and the front should be stabilized by brackets or support poles. Mounting screws work perfectly in almost any type of wall materials, including dry wall, solid wood and masonry. Always measure the desired height of each shelf so that you can accurately place them according to recommended heights, or your own choice of height.

Types of Wire Shelving

Wire shelving comes in a wide variety of options, including folding shelves, hung shelves and freestanding shelves. Wire mesh panel systems are highly configurable, free standing and highly mobile. It can be flat packed when transported and you can get them either as single- or double sided shelving units.
Another benefit of wire shelving is that it can be configured to your needs. You can choose the width and the height, as well as the amount of racks you need them to hold. This is perfect for adding storage space to your home or office.
Wire shelving can be used as stacking baskets, dump-bins and magazine racks, among others. You can also choose rotating racks that are customisable and completely standing on their own – this is perfect for shops that want to display their products. 

WireWorx specialises in high quality wire shelving and you can choose between a variety of different shelving types that are ideal for hardware stores, stationary shops, and arts and crafts shops. These shelving units offer a flexible, strong and affordable solution to your display requirements.

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