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Rotating Stands Will Maximise your Storage Space

When it comes to storage and display solutions, you need a product that will offer you the most value, which is why rotating stands are a great option for any retail store owner. These rotating units are standalone units and they take up only a small amount of floor space. This is a great way to display multiple items on one single stand.

Another great benefit of rotating stands is that they are customisable, allowing you to choose the height and the size of each of these stands. Not only is this a great way to get the best option for your specific store but you can also change these stands whenever you need to.

You can add a T-channel to the top of the stand if you want to add a header to the board and you can also add hooks to add versatility to the stand.

You can also add baskets on these rotating stands as this allows you to display various smaller sized items to your customers, without taking up any additional space. It’s a great way to maximise what you have available and to display the maximum number of products in your store. Many stores like hardware outlets make use of these racks as it allows you to have a wide variety of smaller items available to your customers.

In addition to rotating display stands you can also add counter stands and magazine stands in your retail store or even office environment. These racks are made from high quality materials and are durable too. It’s a great investment to make and you can easily move these display racks if you ever need to move or rearrange your shop floor. Having these racks available means that you can easily move them around and put your products in front of customers to boost visibility and sales.

Wire Worx provides durable wire mesh rotating stands that are ideal for displaying a variety of prodcts. We also stock a wide variety of other display solutions that are perfect for almost any office, retail or factory environment. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the most out of the display opportunities in your store.