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Magazine Racks - Ideal for Retail Stores in SA

The display areas in you retail store should not only be sufficient but they should be effective too. This is why magazine racks are very important, especially when it comes to retail stores that specialize in magazines, books and other reading materials.

It’s also important to remember that you should choose a display solution that is easy to implement and to maintain, so that you can easily set it up and move when you need to. Magazine racks come in a wide variety of sizes, making them very versatile for your specific display area. You can choose various sizes to fit in perfectly with the space you have available and you can also benefit from durable materials like wire mesh.

Another great option is to combine your magazine racks with other display solutions to keep the same look throughout your store. WireWorx has a variety of wire mesh racks that you can use to display your magazines, as our products are durable, versatile and very convenient to use in any retail setting. They are ideal for other items like flyers and brochures as well, allowing you to display a wide variety of items in your store.

These racks can also be configured in a portrait or landscape configuration, and you can also choose larger baskets like A3 units.  You can combine these to display various products and add them to the front of your shop to maximize visibility among your customers. You can add additional hook on shelves and also add paper weights on top so that the wind won’t blow away the cover pages of these magazines.

With the right display solutions in your store you can maximize your display area and ensure that your customers have access to your magazines and other products easily and effortlessly. With the convenient stands from Wire Worx you can easily install display solutions for your store and benefit from the versatility they offer.

Wire Worx provides durable wire mesh display panels that are ideal for displaying any product. We also have magazine racks that make it easy to add versatility to your display panels. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the most out of the display opportunities in your shop or warehouse.