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Installing Wire Baskets in Your Hardware Store

Wire shelving has become very popular in recent years and with such a wide variety of options, they are truly a versatile storage solution for store owners. Wire baskets are especially beneficial for hardware store owners as they have to store and display hundreds of different items for their customers.

Wire baskets are usually one of the most preferred options when it comes to wire shelving, especially since they can be easily set up and you can choose the amount of baskets and the size you need in your store. If you use larger baskets you can also use a basket divider to sort items individually within the wire basket, which is perfect for smaller items that need to be displayed. These are popular in many different stores as it allows you even more convenience by adding the ability to further divide a basket.

There are different types of wire baskets available, including large baskets that are stackable, medium straight baskets, small baskets and sloping baskets. Each of these baskets will have dividers that you can use to divide the storage space if needed.
In addition to these you can also choose book shelves, magazine shelves, and 3-step card displays. Wire baskets are truly versatile and perfect for hardware shop owners who want to display different types of products, tools and accessories. 

Installing Wire Baskets

Installing these wire baskets is easy; simply choose a free standing wire unit that you will use to secure your baskets on. Next, choose the type of basket you require and secure the baskets to the wire frame. You can add as many baskets as you need, depending on the amount of storage space you need. Make sure that you leave enough room between these baskets in terms of height, so that customers can easily remove products when they are busy shopping for certain items.

WireWorx provides high quality wire baskets and shelving that are perfect for hardware store owners as well as any other store owner who needs to display a variety of products to their customers, including books and magazines. These baskets are not only easy to install but they offer an affordable and highly practical option for all your storage requirements.