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Affordable Display Stands from Wire Worx

Display solutions are crucial for any retail store; the way in which your products are displayed can make a huge difference in your sales, which is why you should consider the range of display stands from Wire Worx. Our products are made from the highest quality materials to offer you durable and cost effective display solutions for your retail store, factory outlet, workshop or exhibition needs.

Our display stands are highly mobile and easy to transport. They are designed for wholesalers that need to effectively display products in their store, as well as retail outlets that are looking for versatile display solutions for their range of products. These mesh panels have the option to add additional support so that you can maximise your advertising potential on both sides of the panel. They are also easy to move, should you need to relocate your store in the future.

These display stands are easy to configure and you can add multiple display baskets to them. They offer the ideal display solution for any retail environment. If you are looking for bulk storage options, you can make use of our display baskets. They come in different sizes and can hold various products easily. This is ideal for smaller products where you need to sort them according to size. These baskets can be added to a display panel so that you can adjust the height whenever necessary.

Counter stands are also great if you want to display smaller products to your customers at the counter. They come in various heights, and you can add hooks to them to hang specific items with ease. Magazine racks can also be added close to the pay points, as they usually get your customers’ attention. You can add small or large baskets to these racks, depending on the size of the magazines you want to display.

Rotating display stands can be added almost anywhere in your retail store, making them very versatile and also easy to move. Your customers can browse products easily by rotating them and they can hold quite a number of smaller items. They can be used throughout your store and also as a supplementary display solution to complement your existing display stands. You can also add hooks to these stands to hang various types of products easily and effectively.

Wire Worx specialises in professional display stands for commercial and retail spaces. For more information on our range of display equipment, please get in touch.